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This cheap ant costume (150a) is made individually by professional tailors after an order. The materials are all high quality and have a soft and robust material property. This ensures high durability and a great wearing comfort, which is noticeable with proper treatment on the lifetime. The costume is made according to the CE safety standard & EU...
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Ant costume, mascot buy cheap in the costume shop ✅ Disguise for promotional walking act running figures ✅

Ants are little all-rounders and enjoy the virtue of eusociality. That means that they form states and always treat one another in a friendly manner. They are friends. And that's exactly why such an ant costume works so well, especially at companies and trade fairs. Because everyone knows how hardworking an ant is and how loyal it is to its colleagues. Admittedly, such an ant in person doesn't look really cuddly and cute, but the symbolic value of an ant counts here. And as you can see, our walking acts appear in a completely different light. The ant as such is not only personable and friendly, it now appears that way, thanks to the running costume. If you like an ant costume and you want to buy it cheap, then you should click on the corresponding picture. Many interesting offers are already waiting to be discovered by you. And maybe you'll be just as nimble and hard-working as the ant in your new running suit.

We have a wide range of professional ant costumes for adults. From inexpensive to high-quality trend costumes, you will find exactly what you are looking for for the next trade fair & event, at Carnival & Mardi Gras, as a product marketing figure in the company or as a club mascot. Let your mascot costume dreams come true with us!

Ants have a very special charm - and this also applies to our walking act costumes in various ant designs. With us you can buy cheap eagle running costumes as mascots. All walking act running costumes impress with their high quality and each costume is easy to care for. For more information on cleaning, see the product.

Life-size ants - with this running costume you achieve a special highlight at every event - whether at a trade fair, a club party or an open day. In a cheap way, you can immediately address many people with an ant as a mascot. You have a wide selection of our walking act costumes: The ant can appear "in real", as a Superman or a T-shirt and pants look. Each product is carefully processed and of high quality. We can also change the color for you on request.

Buy life-size ant costumes cheaply: Simply click on a picture and you will receive more detailed information about the products.

And if you have any questions or would like advice, do not hesitate to contact us in the "Live Chat" or call us (+49) 02332/843773 - The "Mascottchen24" team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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