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This cheap ant costume (150a) is made individually by professional tailors after an order. The materials are all high quality and have a soft and robust material property. This ensures high durability and a great wearing comfort, which is noticeable with proper treatment on the lifetime. The costume is made according to the CE safety standard & EU...
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Ants are small men of many talents and enjoy the virtue of the Eusozialität. That is the fact that they form states and handle always friendly with each other. They are friends. And just so such ants costume also particularly at companies and measuring look so excellent. Since everybody knows how diligent such an ant is and how faithfully she faces her colleagues. Allowedly, thus an ant in natura looks not really snug and sweet, but here the symbolic value of an ant counts. And as you can see, our Walking Acts appear in quite an other light. The ant as those is not only likeable and friendly, now she appears, thanks to the run costume, also in such a way. If you like now ants costume and you would like to buy it favourably, then you should click on the suitable picture. Many interesting offers already wait for it of you to be discovered. And maybe you become as agile and diligent like the ant in your new run costume.

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