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Costume accessories products mascot ✅ Promotion advertising figure ✅ Buy cheap costume shop ✅

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The fact is, a mascot will perfectly showcase your company or your club!

However, suitable accessories are required for this.

Accessories include, for example, the mascot bag, because it serves as a transport bag to the respective event location.

The costume cooling vest is also part of it! Because if you are a mascot on a hot summer day, you can keep your body at a comfortable temperature.

Ultimately, the animal costume pillows are also important! Because animals usually do not have a slim figure like humans, but rather, for example, a big belly or a full bottom. The pillows are simply worn together with the costume and thus convey the proportional impression.

You can cover your mascot costume with a wide variety of accessories, such as cooling pets or matching mascot shoes. Just take a look at our range of accessories and decide for yourself how much your advertising tour is worth to you.

Accessories Products for costumes You can put your company in the limelight with one of our mascots. You create values ​​such as customer loyalty, recognition and joy among your customers and fans. So that the mascots get through the promotion perfectly, there are also accessories for costumes. Because such a running figure is of excellent quality, extremely comfortable to wear and is also to be emphasized otherwise, but it can also get very hot in summer, for example. Our cooling vest, for example, is ideal. But we have also put together chic shoes for your mascot here. Bags and ice packs are also waiting for you. Because you also want to feel comfortable as a walking act, so that you can pass on the positive energy of the company directly to customers and visitors as a mascot. Have a look through our offers. If you like a few products, you will receive additional information on the respective product by clicking on them. Condition, quality, delivery conditions and much more. For individual advice, you can simply write to us or give us a call. If you want to have your running figures or your accessories personalized, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Do you need advice or are you unsure which variant you need? Then do not hesitate to contact us for "live chat" or give us a call (+49) 02332/843773.

The Mascottchen24 team looks forward to your questions!

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